Are you surprised? We're not surprised. We're the opposite of surprised.

Archer now joins the ranks of Orange Is The New Black and (ugh) The Big Bang Theory in getting a three-season renewal order from FX. Speaking at the announcement, FX's head of original programming Nick Grad confirmed the news and said that "...(the) move to Los Angeles this past season as private detectives was just the latest twist in Archer’s legendary exploits and the next three seasons will to be just as amazing and unpredictable. We are thrilled to continue making great TV."

For those who've been watching this season, they'll know that there's been a huge upswing in quality and the fact that the show's taking on elements from Magnum PI, The Rockford Files and other cheesy private investigator shows is just an absolute blast. It does, however, make us wonder where exactly they're going to go from here.

It's fair to say that the spy-angle has been completely played out, so what's next? Our hope is they go back to Archer Vice. Yeah, sure they've done it already, but it felt like there was way more they could have mined in that genre than what they did. The ending at the palace with Figgis becoming the ruler was a bit of a cop-out, but the lead-up to it was pretty great.

Either way, we're just happy to see three more seasons of Archer on our screens.