Things certainly are competitive in this year's Apprentice, so much so that they have even resorted to violence. Well, sort of.

Selina Waterman-Smith was given a verbal warning after a bit of a spat that happened between herself and fellow contestant Charleine Wain off camera.

It was during the episode which aired on October 21st on BBC1 where tension was running high between the ladies and resorted to Selina giving Charleine a push. Classy.

A source close to the programme said: "The incident was witnessed by several members of production. Selina pushed Charleine, and at no point did Charleine initiate physical contact with Selina or respond to Selina's push."

A spokesperson for The Apprentice said: "The incident, which resulted in Selina being given a verbal warning, was dealt with quickly and professionally. Both women decided to stay in the process after discussions with the production team. We take our duty of care to the candidates very seriously and strongly refute any allegations to the contrary."

However, Selina took to Twitter to write: "I think it's pretty obvious by the constant verbal attacks shown in TV who the bully is, not to mention the continued cyber abuse.

"Nobody gave me any warning, I was promised to be separated from her on future tasks and in the house, that was the only reason I stayed.

"Producers don't see everything, like snatching, jostling, snide comments and "off camera" things, but they might see self-defense from me."

While Wain tweeted back; "Not going to waste my time on false allegations, but would like to state truth always comes out! #selina #apprentice everyone sees through u. Thank u to all producers for stating the truth & for papers publishing with the correct info, truth always reveal."

Doesn't sound like this one is over...