First Dates Ireland has proven a hit over here the past few weeks, raking in the viewers on RTE2 and pretty much taking up everyone's Twitter feed while it's on.

There are plenty more singletons out there who want to get in on action too, with RTE confirming that there have been in excess of 4,500 applications for series 2.

Bear in mind though, it involves much more than just showing up on the night. Executive producer Linda Cullen told at the launch of the series; "It's a long process we go through, from the online forms at the beginning, to very long phone calls. Then we look at who there might be and I suppose you're going for people obviously that we think would be very good characters who are also genuinely looking for love."

Casting director Ger Philpott added; "After the phone call we invite people in where we do hour-long on camera interviews that are very in-depth so by the end of the process you actually do know the person. I feel like I have 300 exes having gone through everyone," he joked, "I probably know more about the daters than people in my own life at this stage."

Ger went onto explain that it's not just superficial questions about looks people are attracted to but also they want to know things like, where did you learn about love - was it from parents, friends etc.

"It's so you're really finding out about all these little details that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so you get a really good idea of the person you are dealing with and that's how you match them."

Linda added; "We spent a lot of time with a lot of boards of photos on the walls of our office with their dating details, and we argued like cats and dogs about it.

"It's because we're genuinely trying to find people who really match and hit it off."

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