Instead of featuring Rik Mayall's Richie and Adrian Edmondson's Eddie walloping the heads off each other with frying pans in a dingy flat, they will instead be lashing each other out of it with palm leaves and coconuts. That makes perfect sense considering this spin-off is set on - wait for it - a desert island. They've been marooned, you see.

Ade Edmondson recently tweeted about the duo writing together for the first time in a decade, saying: "We are trying to write a series of Hooligan's Island - basically Richie and Eddie marooned on a desert island."

Digital Spy adds: "The pair took Bottom onto the big screen in 1999 when they starred in Guest House Paradiso. Mayall and Edmondson began working together in the '80s on the standup circuit and went on to achieve huge success as a duo on TV comedies such as The Young Ones and Comic Strip Presents… BBC Two controller Janice Hadlow is expected to confirm details of the series at the Edinburgh TV Festival later today."

If you've forgotten just how good it was (or you couldn't watch it in the early 90s because either you weren't allowed/born), here's one of the more subtle clips entitled 'You wanna fight, or what?' Let's just hope the proposed new series doesn't piddle on the fond memories...