"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

In an article published by tampabay.com on the area's connections with 'Game of Thrones', it turns out that the district has its own local Jon Snow.

The man's full name is Jonathan Michael Snow. He has the same name and spelling as one the fantasy series’ most belved characters.

According to the article, his name went unnoticed until he was 24.

"Since around season two," he explains, "every time I introduce myself, there's like this two second pause when I know its coming. 'You mean like Game of Thrones?' It's everywhere I go, sometimes people want to see my ID. Even at the doctor's office."

Snow from Holiday is now 31. He told the Tampa Bay website:

“I called to buy car insurance recently, and the agent asked me about it, I told him 'I’m just happy I’m named after a good character, who’s still alive and that people root for.

"I could have been named after someone everyone hates, like Joffrey. He said, ‘my name is Jeffrey, and everyone at work calls me Joffrey’.”

Snow ran against Gus Bilirakis in Florida's 12 Congressional District in 2012. He recently bought a shirt reading "Snow 2018: Make the North Great Again" and said "I thought if anyone on earth should have that shirt it's me."

So there you have it, that's what it's like to have the name Jon Snow.

'Game of Thrones' debuts its eighth and final season on HBO on Sunday.