Anton may seem like he is happy out with Belle at the moment but he is seen eyeing up another lady in tonight's 'Love Island'.

It's not a lady from the villa however, it's a shop assistant in Majorca. Yes, they let Anton, Tommy and Jordan out into the world in tonight's 'Love Island' to wreck the heads of some locals.

The three lads head out to buy ingredients for a dinner they will be cooking for the ladies. While paying for their food, the shop assistant catches Anton's eye and he writes his number on the receipt for her.

The number for his 'Love Island' phone? His UK number? Who knows. We do know that Belle will not be too happy to hear about this. And naturally, she will find out because, well, you know how this goes by now.

See a teaser for tonight's episode below, and sure with all of this Anton drama, we forgot to mention that Curtis gives Maura a massage! So now.


Catch 'Love Island' tonight on Virgin Media Two at 9pm.