Back in the late nineties, Saturday mornings went hand in hand with Ant, Dec, and Cat Deeley presenting SM:TV Live, with all three going on to hugely successful TV careers, and Cat even breaking America.

The trio reunited over the weekend on Ant and Dec's last Saturday Night Takeaway of the season in Disney World in Florida with all of them confirming that they would love to mark the show's 20th anniversary next year.

Cat was revealed as the Mask Face in the running Missing Crown Jewels series and then joined the lads on stage where viewers were treated to some old school SM:TV clips.

"Would we be rubbish now?’ asked Cat before Dec joked: ‘We were rubbish then!’

And after that, Cat was in, saying: ‘Ok let’s do it!’

SM:TV featured sketches, competitions and celebrity guests a plenty and was particularly famous for its Wonkey Donkey competition and the sketch series Chums, which was the trio's take on Friends and featured an ongoing love story between Cat and Dec that had us all hooked in.

Ant and Dec have previously said that they were "talking to somebody about [a reunion] recently because it’s twenty years since the launch of SM:TV next year".

"So, we were saying whether we could do an anniversary special or something, and we got carried away with the idea."

He added: "If we did a one off, it would be on at 9.25am, with Chums and all that, and get Cat back!"

Sounds like they managed to do just that. Have a look at some Chums below and fill your weary Monday mind with a lovely little dose of nineties nostalgia...