Well this news came as a surprise, not that Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway would be remade in America, we'd known that was on the cards for a while, but we definitely weren't expecting who they have lined up to host the gig, although we wholeheartedly approve.

It's only Neil Patrick Harris who has gone and nabbed the gig, and we couldn't think of a better choice. The How I Met Your Mother star will front the variety show which will be filmed in New York, with NBC already ordering ten episodes.

Harris is said to be very excited about the project too, saying; "As I watched the show, I couldn’t stop smiling. Now that I’ve seen many seasons, my face hurts. It’s a game changer. Nothing like this has been done before, and its unique structure fits right into my random skill set. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and have some fun!"

We wonder what the Geordie duo Ant and Dec will have made of this, no doubt they are delighted by the choice given that they themselves haven't had much luck across the pond, and in order for the show to work it really did need a wellknown face to front it.

Harris has also starred in A Million Ways To Die In The West and most recently Gone Girl, while he has also been announced as the host of 2015 Oscars.

Safe to say, he ain't doing altogether too badly for himself these days, 'ey?