Well, it's mostly Dec speaking here. Not sure where Ant was:

"We kind of figured it was a Saturday night show last year. We all got that wrong and hold our hands up to that. When we had a winner on the first night, we all got back to our dressing room and said, ‘We shouldn’t be doing this again tomorrow, it should be weekly.’ In hindsight, we shouldn’t have done it every night. It would have been nice to do six weeks on a Saturday night. And we had some unfortunate situations with some of the contestants, which overshadowed the show, probably disproportionately."

 Winner Nathan Hageman was previously "sentenced to five years' prison after breaking into a man's house and battering him"…

 Of the decreased number of contestants, Dec then added: "It is nice starting with eight and getting to know them a bit more and investing in them a bit more. The changes have made it a better show. It is still electric and the end game is very exciting."

Dec has been paid in the region of £10million a year to say stuff like that.

Red or Black? will return on Saturday nights before The X Factor in the autumn on ITV1, AKA your portal for Simon Cowell's deluge of high brow viewing.