Poor aul Ant and Dec, they may be a national institution across the way there in England, but the lads have just never managed to crack the good old U.S of A. It was thought recently that now might finally be the time as a lot of networks were keen to take on their 'Saturday Night Takeaway' show, but as it has now turned out, they want the show, just eh, not the fellas.

An insider (gotta love those 'insiders') told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper; "There is a lot of buzz about 'Saturday Night Takeaway'. Quizzes and game shows were a dying breed but many networks feel there is an opportunity for some different style to take off. 'SNT' could be just that. But Ant & Dec just aren't famous enough in the US to host it."

Aw. Apparently former 'SMTV Live' host Cat Deeley, who would be more well known in the states, is in the running to present the show. Cat has hosted 'So You Think You Can Dance' in the USA since 2006 so would be a much more familiar face to an American audience.

This insider person went on to say; "The presenter will be key to the show's success, so networks understandably don't want to risk two unknown faces from the UK, especially as US audiences can't understand what they are saying. Cat, however, is a good choice and is loved by the team behind SNT. "

It's another burn for the Newcastle duo who have tried and failed in the past in America with their show 'Wanna Bet' which was axed after six episodes. In fairness though, it was not their best work, at all. (It was crap).

Maybe it's for the best though, the pair are loved so dearly by their fans this side of the pond, why mess with a good thing by abandoning them for more twinky-filled pastures? They still wipe the board at awards cermonies and they are definitely not short of a bob or two as the fella would say.

Considering all that, hopefully they won't be too bothered by this news, we still love you Ant and Dec.