Right, let's get the usual bits out of the way - Big Brother is still going, it's still as trashy as it ever was, and it's on Channel 5 now.

All set? Good. So, earlier this week, Big Brother's security team was forced to step in and remove one of the housemates, Kayleigh, after it all kicked off over... who knows, drink? Anyway, said housemate Kayleigh has been pretty vocal about what happened - but now another housemate has since been removed.

Lotan Thomas, who previously worked as a stripper before he joined Big Brother, was removed by security earlier today after a heated argument with fellow housemates. Lotan was then later placed in the diary room, where he claimed that the "hypocrisy in here (the Big Brother house) is unbelievable and the lack of intellect is driving me insane."

Intellect. Big Brother. Seriously, like.

Anyway, Big Brother have now stated that Lotan has been removed form the house and will not be returning, and have said that the events leading up to his removal will be screened later tonight. Or you could just watch the clip they released right here and save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out where Channel 5 is.

Your choice.


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