It's hard to imagine anyone other than Matt Le Blanc playing the iconic part of Joey in Friends, but there was anothe actor in the running for the role, and one who went on to become a Hollywood star in his own right.

It was none other than Mr Vince Vaughn. Yep, in 1994 the actor applied for the part of Joey Tribbiani but was ultimately turned down by casting director Ellie Janner.

Janner told The Huffington Post that she remembered Vince as "handsome and tall" and that he was "good actor" but just wasn't quite right for the part.

It obviously ultimately worked out fine for Vaughn, who went on to get his big break in hit movie Swingers alongside Ron Livingston and Jon Favreau.

Funnily enough, Favreau apparently turned down the role of Chandler Bing at the time although as fans will know he appeared later in the show as Monica's millionaire boyfriend Pete Becker.

Maybe, just maybe, in an alternate universe somewhere this pair were Chandler and Joey.

Via Esquire