We figure their song Things We Lost in the Fire particularly fits into the show's themes...

GOT has in the past brought in a number of bands for cameos, such as Coldplay’s Will Champion drumming at the Red Wedding, Sigur Rós performing at Joffrey’s wedding, Snow Patrol‘s Gary Lightbody singing The Bear and the Maiden Fair with his Bolton buddies after apprehending Jaime and Brienne, and Mastodon playing wildlings raised from the dead at Hardhome.

Now it would seem Bastille is the latest act to have dropped in for filming.

Watchers on the Wall (which has been right about band castings in the past) reported that the band filmed scenes for the final episode of season 7 at Wolf Hill quarry in Northern Ireland this week. Previous set leaks have suggested it’s a pretty big sequence being cooked up at Wolf Hill, involving many days of shooting.

Moreover in a recent interview with Vogue, Bastille’s Dan Smith confirmed that during their tour they will “get to check out the set of Game of Thrones soon, which will be wicked.” Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark) previously appeared in Bastille’s music video for their song ‘Oblivion’, so that’s likely how the cameo came about.

Game of Thrones’ seventh outing is due to hit screens in early summer.