She moonlighted as a rapping newsreader on Late Lunch Live just last month but now it looks as though legendary RTE newsreader and recent Anchorman trailer star Anne Doyle could be making a more permanent return to television.

As per The Evening Herald, Anne will be putting on her quiz master's hat to take part in a pilot for a new game show. Division is just one of the shows RTE are hoping to fill the Love/Hate void with and will apparently land on our TV screens on December 1st.

"The show will feature a group of 30 people divided into groups of 15," a show insider told the newspaper. "It is a light quiz show, and topics haven't been finalised yet."

Well, as long as Anne's a little more Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link and a little less Uncle Gaybo on Who Want To Be A Millionaire we'll be delighted.

Sure wouldn't she be well able to put the fear of God into you?