The Celebrity Big Brother house is still adjusting to the arrival of the male residents on Friday night and the powers that be have been messing with their heads and changing up the power dynamic in the house.

Since they've arrived, the women haven't needed to lift a finger with all the men given the housework to do - because lol! When do men ever do housework?!


Anyways, on last night's show, things get taken a step further with a task which saw male housemates 'experience childbirth’.

Dapper Laughs, Andrew Brady, John Barnes and Jonny Mitchell were all hooked up to machines that simulated labour, and while most of the females of the house found this hilarious, former politician Ann Widdecombe was not impressed.

She snapped, "It is not just a game, inflicting pain on people is not a game. A spectator sport of pain is just horrible. It’s just all wrong."

Ann later had a telling off for Big Brother in the Diary Room too saying, "I heard my fellow housemates laughing and I changed my opinion of them, Maggie shocked me. They thought it was funny to inflict pain on people. I do not think it was morally right to have those two tests today. I hope there won’t be any more instances of deliberately inflicting pain or deliberately inflicting grief."

Widdecombe hasn't been shy about voicing her opinions in the house since she arrived on everything from her thoughts on the 'ghastly' interior to her conservative views on the likes of same-sex marriage and whether mothers should be working.

The theme of this year's Celebrity Big Brother is "The Year of the Woman" with the show's first ever all-female launch last Tuesday to mark 100 years since women won the right to vote. Eight male housemates joined the series on Friday night, one of which includes Boyzone's Shane Lynch.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on 3e at 9pm.