We are all still wrapping our heads around the news that David Bowie is with us no more, and it was speculated upon just how the makers of Big Brother were planning on telling his ex-wife Angie of his death, as she is currently a resident in in the CBB house.

Thankfully, the people of Big Brother land decided not to exploit the news and told Angie Bowie of his passing off camera, with most of us assuming that would mark the end of her time in the house. But nope, she's staying put, which is her choice in fairness and has to be respected. The pair haven't spoken in years and while they did have a child together (film-maker Duncan Jones), the singer got full custody of him after their divorce, and he no longer has a relationship with his mother either.

Channel 5 released a statement this afternoon with the news saying; "Following the very sad news of David Bowie's death, we can now confirm that Angie Bowie has been informed off camera by her representatives.

"She has taken the decision to continue in the programme.

"The decision to remain in the House is entirely her choice, and she has been given the option to leave at any time if she changes her mind. Appropriate support will be available to Angie at any time if needed."

Angie was married to David from 1970 to 1980 however the former model told her fellow housemates recently; "He hates me. I go to great lengths to avoid him. Did you think I was going to be polite, to be nice, so that people like me? No. It was terrible when we broke up, it was awful."

While Bowie previously described her as having "as much insight into the human condition as a walnut and a self-interest that would make Narcissus green with envy."

So yeah, in summary, they didn't like each other much.