Angela from 'The US Office' - whose real name, by the by, is Angela Kinsey - is known for being a severe, unyielding woman who has no time for anything except her cats.

Obviously, the real-life Angela is markedly different from her on-screen role, but she clearly doesn't have any problem with slapping someone down if it's not for her liking - even if it's family. Case in point was Angela Kinsey's nephew, James, who used a photo of himself and his aunt, Angela, on Tinder and remarked that - yes, in fact, his aunt from Aunt from 'The US Office'.

Needless to say, the Tinder profile went viral on Twitter and soon reached Angela herself, who promptly shut the whole thing down on her own Instagram with a very Angela-esque photo. Here's both images in one handy tweet.

To be fair, if your Aunt was Angela, you should have known better than using that to try and score on Tinder. This is all on you, James.