In all honesty, this is the kind of story that not only would you take to your grave, it's the kind of the story that you'd deny flatly as if it never happened if someone brought it up.

Although, admittedly, it's nothing sinister or disturbing (it's 'Graham Norton' after all), but it is disgusting and really makes you look at Jamie Dornan - even if he was but a wee lad when it happened - in a completely different light.

You're probably reading this right now, no doubt thinking to yourself that we're building this all up for hyperbole's sake and that it can't be that bad. It's pretty bad, in fairness. It certainly grossed us out enough to keep it off the headline and dance around it here in the article for a couple hundred words.

OK, here we go. Like we said, it's... icky. Watch the clip and prepare to look at Jamie Dornan in a different light.