Whether you've been enjoying the series or not, this will at least be a nice little snapshot into the making of the production after watching the season finale.

Dropping on the same day as the season finale this Thursday is the 'And Just Like That...' documentary special. *Series spoilers below*

The tenth and final episode of the 'Sex And The City' revival will supposedly wrap up the series (with many speculating that Kim Cattrall's Samantha will in some shape or form make an appearance - but the jury's out on that one), but it won't be the last we see of the main trio.

Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda have gone through quite a lot this season; Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie is beginning to go out on the dating scene once again, following the sudden death of her husband, Big (Chris Noth); Kristin Davis' Charlotte is dealing with her diverse family and motherhood; meanwhile, Cynthia Nixon's Miranda has pulled a complete 360 and left her husband (#JusticeForSteve) for her new love, Che (Sara Ramirez).

And so this documentary special will focus on the reunion of the three actors all of these years later, as well as the introduction of all of the other new and returning characters in the season. We'll also get a sneak peek at the writer's room and all of the various statement fashion pieces seen on screen.

Here's the trailer for the 'And Just Like That...' documentary.

entertainment.ie has reached out to Sky Ireland to see if they will be screening the documentary - we'll update this article once we find out. The special will be available to US subscribers of HBO Max this Thursday, February 3.

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