Not that there usually ever is a dull moment in Alberts Square, but this month things are set to take an even more dramatic turn than usual. We're talking the return of big characters, fires, weddings, pregnancies, the works people.

EastEnders' executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has said; "Bombs that we have been carefully planting over the last few months are about to explode all over the Square as some of our most iconic characters' lives change forever. With huge twists, shock returns and stories which will move, provoke and entertain, this September is going to be classic EastEnders and an unforgettable start to our autumn."

So what will be happening with our favourite east end residents? (Spoilers here, obviously) Well first off, Alfie reaches an all time low in his financial woes and decides an aul fire/insurance scam is a top notch idea. Oh dear, this can only end badly. Yes, of course his house turns out not to be empty, and this fire is set to have far reaching consequence for poor old Alfie.

Elsewhere, it's certainly not a quiet month for the Mitchells either, as Phil and Sharon's sham of a wedding is set to take place. As we know, Sharon has been out for revenge on Phil and plans to bankrupt him after the wedding, however Phil now knows this, and is out for revenge of his own, with Shirley as his trustee sidekick - very messy altogether. Most exciting news for the Mitchells though will be the unexpected return of Phil's son Ben, now played by Harry Reid.

A show statement teased; "Will it be a case of for better or worse for Phil and Sharon, or will Shirley make sure things go off with a bang? One thing is for sure, there will be casualties in this love triangle."

And that's not it for the Mitchells either, Ronnie is also set to return, up the duff and all. She apparently wants to stop the wedding of Phil and Sharon - well suppose somebody probably should.

Question is, will she tell Charlie Cotton he's the father of her baby? Hopefully she will at least tell Dot she's to be a great grandmother.

That's all we know for now, but apparently there's even more to come with an EastEnders spokesperson adding; "This is just the start of what is in store for the residents of Walford this September, but more news will be announced very soon."