We'll freely admit that when it comes to The Simpsons, things can tend to be a little bit heated.

For example, some might argue that The Simpsons hit its peak in and around the ninth or tenth season whilst others will say that it's still good up to this day. Those people are clearly wrong, but whatever, we respect differing opinions.

One thing is certain - a good Simpsons meme is always welcome anywhere on the Internet and our friends in Australia know this all too well. The Simpsons Against The Liberals page was set up to mercilessly slag the ruling Liberal party in Australia, who it turns out aren't very liberal at all. It's Australia so we're guessing there's a reason why the Liberals are actually right-wingers there.

Anyway, the page regularly pokes fun at various politicians in the party and one such politician - Andrew Laming, MP for Bowman - had had enough and decided to leave a comment on the page.

Rookie mistake, Andrew.

The shitpost / meme concerned a comment Andrew left on some other page about there being too many physical education teachers in the Australian educational system. It began with this.

Laming appeared in the comments to argue with the meme - honestly - and then began to argue with the page's administrators. Pretty soon, the page posted another meme.

All the while, Laming was continuously arguing with the page's administrators because that's not weird at all in fairness. Before long, however, it was clear that Laming had said his piece and logged off. The page's response? Another meme.

Before long, other commenters were getting on the spicy hot meme action and began posting their own creations.



Political discourse in 2016. It's a beautiful thing. You can see all the shitposts and general hilarity over on The Simpsons Against The Liberals FB page.


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