If you haven't already watched it, Amy Schumer's latest special on Netflix hasn't exactly been showered with praise like her previous efforts.

In fact, The Leather Special has been slammed with 710 one-star user reviews on Netflix, making for an average of 1.35 rating on the site. However, a report by Splitsider has found that a lot of these ratings can be attributed to a tactic known as "brigading", which is essentially an active campaign of derailing ratings systems.

Splitsider's report found that a number of Alt-Right and white nationalist subreddits were posting links to the special on Netflix, with specific instructions to leave a one-star review, thus tanking the rating score. It's not just Netflix's own rating system that's being tanked, either. Metacritic's user score currently sits at 2.3, yet it has a 73% rating from five professional reviews.

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Via Splitsider