As well as dropping that bombshell, you've also got Nick Offerman being shirtless for everyone and discussing his open shirtlessness with Ellen and Amy Poehler - so it's clearly worth your time.

Considering that Offerman's wife, Megan Mullally, can be seen in the revamped reboot of Will & Grace, the question inevitably came up regarding a potential Parks & Recreation reunion. "We said if Beyonce would play the mayor, we'd bring the show back," asked Offerman. "I'll speak for everybody and say we'd all do it," added Poehler.

While there's been nothing in the way of official overtures, NBC are on a reboot buzz at the moment and there's been increasing talk about a US Office reboot / Christmas special - so why not do the same for Parks & Rec? Even something on the ten-year anniversary of 'Lil Sebastian's passing?

Who knows. Here's the clip.