They might not be in the latest Avengers, but as two of the funniest women in the world, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are finally getting their own action figures.

Toy company Bif Bang Pow! have decided to make the two action figures of Poehler and Fey in time for this year's Comic Con in San Diego, where Saturday Night Live fans (and fans of the two in general) can fight it out to try and get their hands on one of the limited run of 2,400 figures. 

Pic via Mashable/Broadway Video

Speaking to CNN, brand manager for Bif Bang Pow! Jodie Winters teased that there may be a special event to mark the launch of the figures, but they'll reveal more details as the release date gets closer. The Poehler and Fey figures are three and a half inches tall, and are dressed in the trademark suits that they wore for the Weekend Update sketch on Saturday Night Live. 

You can pre-order the figures now, who come complete with the Weekend Update news desk they shared on the show, for just $29.99.  

Via Mashable