For the first time since its launch in 2011, 2020 was the first time fans didn't get the opportunity to feast on a new season of 'American Horror Story'. Luckily, however, we're going to get TWO seasons in 2021.

Along with the tenth season of 'AHS', set to launch later this year, there will also be a spin-off series 'American Horror Stories'. The latter of which is about to premiere this July, and the cast list has finally been revealed.

Bearing such a similar name to the main franchise will hopefully not hinder the upcoming spin-off series, as each episode will have a self-contained storyline. Taking the anthology genre to even creepier heights, the 21-strong cast list of the series has been revealed, with some actors from the previous nine returning.

The returning cast includes Matt Bomer from 'Freak Show' and 'Hotel'; John Carroll Lynch who appeared in 'Freak Show' and 'Cult' as Twisty the Clown; Naomi Grossman from 'Asylum' and 'Freak' Show'; Charles Melton from 'Hotel'; and Billie Lourd who has appeared in the three most recent seasons of the horror series.

Those joining the cast for 'American Horror Stories' are a blend of newcomers and those who have appeared in small roles in movies or TV shows. They include Kevin McHale as Barry; Danny Trejo, who will play as Santa Claus; Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson, who will play Maya; Dyllon Burnside as James; Gavin Creel as Troy; Sierra McCormick as Scarlett; Ashley Martin Carter as Rowena; Belissa Escobedo as Shanti; Kaia Gerber as Ruby; Aaron Tveit as Adam; Rhenzy Feliz as Chad; Madison Bailey as Kelley; Kyle Red Silverstein as Quinn; Amy Grabow as Tipper Gore; Virginia Gardner as Bernadette; and Nico Greetham is Zinn.

Each episode of the self-contained anthology series will be an hour-long episode and will be set within the 'AHS' universe in some shape or form. The first season, 'Murder House' was teased by creator Ryan Murphy previously, as well as some of the more tantalising and horrifying characters from the series appearing in the teaser.

'American Horror Stories' begins on Hulu in the US on July 15. There's currently no release set for Europe, but hopefully, there will be confirmation on an Irish and UK release date very soon.