Anyone who is a fan of the original Gavin and Stacey will know the uncertainty that was felt when it was announced they were going to make an American version of the show. It's difficult to imagine anyone other than Joanna Page and Mathew Horne playing the loveable couple and as for Nessa and Smithy? Not a hope anyone other than Ruth Jones and James Corden could master those roles.

We needn't worry though, as the show has already been axed by Fox Network before it has even gone to air according to TV Line. It was pretty much ready to go too - set to be called Us and Them the show starred Jason Ritter, Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls fame and Malcolm in the Middle mum Jane Kaczmarek was set to play the show's version of Pam.

Six of the show's episode have already been made and were scheduled to go out this summer but not anymore. Fox has wielded its heavy axe and has effectively shelved the show altogether.

So in short, no memories of this stellar cast will be tarnished. Grand.