As if making us wait to discover Walter White's fate wasn't enough for 'em, the execs at US network AMC have decided to split Mad Men's final season in half, pushing the air date for the last few episodes all the way back to 2015.

The gang over at The New York Times are reporting that 7 episodes of the final season will air in early 2014, with a second batch following in early 2015. The first set will be known as The Beginning, while the last will be dubbed The End of an Era. Sounds deliciously exciting/ ominous, don'cha think? The final number of episodes has yet to be confirmed.

Anyway, it seems as though the decision to extend the show's run isn't purely a major marketing ploy: Creator Matthew Weiner says the split allows the writers to tell "a more elaborate story", bringing the show to an end with an almighty bang.

We're sure fans of Don Draper and co won't be complaining either. They'll probably be only too delighted to see the lads on screen for a while longer. And maybe John Hamm will finally get the chance to pick up that elusive Best Actor Emmy, given the fact that Bryan Cranston will, at least theoretically, be out of the running by then.

Mad Men returns to US TV screens in early 2014.