Last time we saw Ireland's own Allen Leech he was lighting up the silver screen in Iron Man 3 (if you've seen the film, you'll know what we're on about, and if you haven't, well, we won't spoil it for you) but last night he was out and about on the red carpet in London for The Olivier Awards, and got talking about the next series of Downton Abbey.

Yes, our Allen was pulled aside by The Radio Times, who couldn't help but ask the Irish heartthrob what was next for the smash hit ITV series. "The scripts are brilliant this year - absolutely great and there are going to be more shocks. It's Julian Fellowes' writing - there's going to be a lot more drama. I think they're going to blow everyone away", he revealed.

After all the drama of Season 3, we're not quite sure we could handle any more of Julian Fellowes particular brand of 'surprise twists' to be honest: Between all that drama with Sybil, Matthew and the blasted motor we were pulling our hair out in despair on many a Sunday evening. At least they've sorted themselves out with a few new cast members to bring the numbers back up eh?

Leech seems to think that's a good thing anyway: "It's very exciting to have new people in and those storylines are very exciting as well", he said, adding that he didn't think Fellowes would be disappearing any time soon. The creator left a few fans rather worried when he mentioned leaving London behind to work on new US Drama The Gilded Age.

"I think what Julian said is until Downton's gone, he won't go", Leech said."I don't know how long Julian will want to keep it going. I think he'll want to go out on a high." Well, as long as he pulls his socks up after that dire Christmas special, and gives our Branson something to smile about for once, we'll be happy enough to see the show continue.