Let's put some zeroes on that so you'll get what we're talking about - Game of Thrones was illegally streamed and downloaded 1,000,000,000 times.

Even by legal, conventional standards, Game of Thrones has enjoyed its highest ratings thus far and broke records in the process, but the numbers who tuned into the show via illegal means is pretty damn staggering. According to piracy tracking firm MUSO, a total of 84.7% of those who watched it illegally did so via streaming, while only 9.1% watched it via torrent download.

MUSO's CEO, Andy Chatterly, told TorrentFreak that they suspect the high numbers of illegal downloads and streams came from the fact that episodes leaked early online.

Here's the breakdown of estimates from MUSO.

Episode one: 187,427,575

Episode two: 123,901,209

Episode three: 116,027,851

Episode four: 121,719,868

Episode five: 151,569,560

Episode six: 184,913,279

Episode seven (as of 3rd Sept): 143,393,804

All Episode Bundles – Season 7: 834,522

Total (as of 3rd September) = 1,029,787,668


Via TorrentFreak