It's the second weekend in January, which in other words translates to everybody being flat broke or detoxing or both. You may have the courage to suggest that forbidden word of 'pints?' to your mate this weekend, but you'll probably be told the universal party line of the month which is 'I think I'll have a quiet one'. Never fear though, boredom does not await you this weekend with the lineup of telly in store. The chat shows are back, so is Charlie and even Francis Brennan will make an appearance! Take a looksie below...


The Late Late Show
RTE1: 9.35pm

It's been almost two weeks since we've had The Late Late Show on the box, and while we've all enjoyed the abundance of great Christmas telly, it's kind of nice to get back to the normal routine of our Friday night nation wide ritual of slagging off The Late Late Show. Kicking things off in 2015's first show will be Ryanair man Michael O'Leary who will be on to gloat over the millions he has made from us all, or you know, something like that. Next up will be former Westlife man and 2fm presenter Nicky Byrne who will no doubt be talking about his latest foray into television as host of upcoming RTE show The Million Euro Challenge. Also on the show will be one of Alan Sugar's former Apprentice's of 2014, Dublin lady Roisin Hogan, who made it all the way down to the interview stages in the show. Professional Irish boxer and current WBO Middleweight champion Andy Lee will also be on. Finally, Deepak Chopra will be on - this guy is a best selling author and alternative medicine advocate. Greaaaaaaat....

RTE2: 10.45pm

The third season of this legal drama kicks off tonight and see the firm taking on a new client following the merger, in the form of oil executive Ava Hessington, who Game of Thrones fans will know VERY well. Meanwhile, after that ever so raunchy season finale, Mike is racked with anxiety while Rachel tries to process what happened between them. When are those two crazy kids going to realise they are meant to be? Although it has all taken a very interesting turn now that he's outed himself as a fraud to her.

The Graham Norton Show
BBC1: 10:35pm*

Good to have Graham back of a Friday night too and he really is going all out for his first show of the year. He has the one and only zillion-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep on the show, who stars as a scheming witch in upcoming musical fantasy Into the Woods. Joining her will be the always lovely Scottish actor James McAvoy who is starring in the West End revival of Peter Barnes' satire The Ruling Class, while Avengers Assemble star Mark Ruffalo will be on discussing his role in wrestling drama Foxcatcher - which has earned him a Golden Globe nomination. To top things off, our very own Hozier will be performing on the show! That fella is just everywhere these days fair play to him.

*Times may differ between BBC1 and BBC1NI.


The Million Euro Challenge
RTE1: 8.10pm

Nicky Byrne seems to be doing very well in his post Westlife days with his radio show going from strength to strength and a new presenting gig, in Winning Streak's slot no less. That's no main feat. He will host this brand new game show which will involve three players who each join up with a family member or friend to compete for a jackpot across a series of lottery games. One lucky player will then get a chance to make a play for an impressive one million euro. Not bad 'ey? We may even buy a few of those scratchcards ourselves.

Harry Hill's Stars In Their Eyes
UTV Ireland: 7.00pm

Many a Saturday evening was spent back in the day watching random punters turn themselves into superstars with the simple words of 'Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...' before vanishing behind a door and re-emerging seconds later completely transformed. Well Harry Hill has now taken over hosting duties on the iconic show but don't worry everything else will stay the same, so we should see some pretty impressive incarnations of some of our favourite pop stars past and present. Bonus points for no annoying judging panel either.

Tsunami: Ten Years On
Channel 4: 8.00pm

Everyone remembers seeing that shocking footage emerging from South East Asia on that fateful Stephen's Day back in 2004, when a tsunami devastated the coastlines leaving an unbelievable 300,000 people dead. This documentary will look at the aftermath of this horrific natural disaster featuring archive footage, CGI reconstructions and interviews with experts and eyewitnesses. It will also look at how historical data can be used to predict future natural disasters.


RTE1: 9.30pm

Opinion was pretty divided on last week's opening episode of three part political drama 'Charlie'. We here kind of thought it seemed a little bit like Scrap Saturday at times, and perhaps trying too hard to be like House of Cards with that CONSTANT underlying music that also sounded like something out of Batman. However, we are willing to give it a second chance in this episode which begins in 1982 and sees Charlie seizing the opportunity to regain authority and trying to make Ireland a prominent political power, however domestic troubles get in his way. Also you can continue your game of 'Spot the Love/Hate actor', as this time round Elmo makes an appearance! Laurence Kinlan joins all the rest of his Love/Hate mates in the cast as the famous Independent TD Tony Gregory. And not a garden gnome in sight either.

At Your Service
RTE1: 8.30pm

Francis 'does anybody need the toilet' Brennan and his bro are back for a brand new series of their show 'At Your Service'. The hoteliers, who run the 5 star Park Hotel Kenmare, will be helping struggling hotels, B&Bs and guest houses improve their businesses. The lads are in co. Clare in this opening episode where they come to the aid of Johnny Hassett, proprietor of Ballyhannon House Riding School in Quin. The Brennans want Johnny to diversify and make the most of his facilities, which include stables, a disused hayloft and an intriguing gazebo in the garden. Francis even gets up on one of the horses himself for a quick trek to the pub. Hope he went to the toilet first.

Clann Feirm Factor
TG4: 8.30pm

I'm telling you, you don't want mess with these farming families, these lot are the real deal, and this competition pits eight of them against each other all to be deemed the greatest farmer family of them all! And to win 20 grand of course. This first episode will see the Behans from Lixnaw take on the Gills from Carrick-on-Shannon as members of each team go head-to-head with opponents in tasks featuring machinery and identification, as well as calf-separating, sheep-herding and fence-building. Chrisht, we wouldn't stand a chance.