We have speculated endlessly about just who in the hell killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders last Easter, and it pains us greatly that they are not going to tell us until the week of live episodes next February, which is just forever away. Since the whodunnit story first began, bookies have been having a field day with punters as they hand over their dosh attempting to guess just who is the person behind it.

However, Ladbrookes have currently suspended betting as they believe the storyline has been leaked and one of their punters is trying to cash in. Just to warn you, this may be spoiler below!!

A female customer arrived into a London betting shop and placed 25 bets on... wait for it.... Jane Beale being the killer. Jane's odds then dropped quickly from 16/1 to 2/1, leading the bookies to suspend all other bets.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "We smell a rat and have been forced to suspend betting on the Eastenders whodunit. Our mystery punter’s going to have to wait a while to collect her winnings if she’s right, but for the time being we’re not prepared to take any more bets."

We know what you're thinking... Jane Beale?! It couldn't be.... right?

Could it?!