There isn't a soul on the interweb who hasn't heard about Bruce Willis' awful One Show interview, and now host Alex Jones has revealed that she told the Die Hard star that his performance was well below par, smack bang in the middle of the interview. Ouch.

Speaking with Metro, the Welsh TV presenter explained that Bruce had actually been rather warm and friendly with herself and co-host Matt Baker, but it just didn't really show on the screen. "He had a very dry sense of humour, which just didn’t translate, and he wasn’t 100 per cent sure about the film he was promoting" she said. "He really wanted to create a good impression. He kept asking: ‘How’s this going?’ and I had to say: ‘Not great, to be honest'." Stern but fair Alex, stern but fair. If you fancy a refresher of the err, 'awky mo', you can check it out here.

Turns out Alex has had much worse on her One Show sofa though. She went on to get rather sharp-tongued about former teen hearthrob David Cassidy, whom she described as a "nightmare". Seems he was too busy talking to his fanclub to notice herself and Matt, and just wouldn't keep schtum when it was time to go. Don't worry though, an alpaca bit him shortly afterwards, making Alex's day in the process.

She also had a bit of a go at Pamela Anderson, branding her a "bit of a diva" and claiming that the Baywatch star had "directed all her answers to the monitor on the floor so she could see what she looked like." Better get the aloe vera out Pammie...

Note to self: Don't get on the wrong side of Alex Jones.