After a number of years away from television, Steve Coogan's greatest comedic creation - outside of the heightened version of himself in The Trip - is making a return to our screens.

It's been confirmed that Alan Partridge is getting a new series on BBC next year. "Alan will be back on the BBC early next year," said Coogan on the One Show yesterday. "There’ll be a lot of Alan on telly next year, if you can wait that long."

Coogan, who was campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn during the UK General Election, recently reprised his role as Partridge in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa - which was directed by Father Ted alumnist Declan Lowney.

There's no word yet on how many episodes there'll be or if this is just a one-off, but seeing Partridge back on TV is pretty cool.

Enjoy this classic clip and blast out The Spy Who Loved Me while you're at it.