Introducing America and the rest of the world to Ireland's most famous puppets goes about as well as you'd imagine.

Just like the rest of us, Aisling Bea grew up watching 'The Den' on RTÉ 2 every evening after getting home from school. And so, on her latest chat show appearance over in the US, she decided now was the perfect time to introduce Americans to the bizarre puppets who are household names over here.

The concept of Dustin the Turkey and Zig and Zag from the plane Zog might not translate very well to Myers and his studio audience, but Bea gave it her best shot. She even mentioned Dustin's brief Eurovision entry, which she quite rightly says "sums up our culture" quite well.

Aisling Bea's appearance on 'Late Night with Seth Myers' wasn't all about 'The Den', however, and she recounted an anecdote about the time she accidentally arrived at Taylor Swift's apartment (Swift also appeared on the show last night). She also spoke about missing some key events when she was ill from COVID this year - but she was able to make light of the situation.

Bea of course stars in the latest Disney+ film to arrive exclusively on the streaming service, 'Home Sweet Home Alone'. She plays the role of the mother who leaves on a Christmas vacation, only to realise that she's left her son at home alone. It's a rehash/sequel/reboot of the Macaulay Culkin classic, and it's available to stream right now if you're feeling festive.

Here's the full interview of Aisling Bea and her appearance on Seth Myers, with 'The Den' segment kicking in around the seven-minute mark.

The first two series of Bea's comedy with Sharon Horgan, 'This Way Up', are available to watch on All 4.