Aisling Bea appeared on Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' last night and she was an absolute delight.

Bea was on to talk about the two TV series she has out this year - 'This Way Up' and 'Living With Myself'.

The comedian-actress wrote the former and stars in the show opposite Sharon Horgan. The two play a pair of dysfunctional Irish sisters living in London.

'Living With Myself' meanwhile stars Paul Rudd as a man who gets replaced with a cloned version of himself. The actor was just nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance on the Netflix series.

In addition to talking about the shows, Aisling Bea chatted about getting a prank present from Paul Rudd of a picture of himself.

She also told some funny stories about visiting Seaworld and working as a tour guide at a stud farm. Which is where horses are brought to mate.