Well it's official - Lucie has been booted from the 'Love Island' villa.

Lucie and George were voted off by their fellow islanders after it came down between them versus Amy and Curtis.

The 21 year old surfer has her ups and downs throughout the series, not forgetting when she tried to make 'bev' happen.

She has been coupled up with three boys - Joe, Tommy and George - across the series.

Now how does she stand with each of them?

Well it looks as though she still has hopes something could happen with Tommy as she said about the boxer:

"Me and Tommy will always be best friends. I’ve had best friends and then dated them and then still been best friends after. I think a lot of girls think it’s odd but I can turn things on and off really easily. You’ll always have a love for a best friend whether it’s a boy or a girl but at times it can mean different things.

"I want to see how things go with him and Molly-Mae, I can see he really likes her. I’m happy for them. I feel like we’ll see what happens on the outside and how those guys will go but never say never, if we did come to that romantic stage in a few years and me and Tommy were still friends, you never know."

As for Joe, she said her paddle-boarding date and time dating him was "amazing." She said:

"I don’t have any regrets about coupling up with Joe - I went with how I felt at the time, I felt really strongly about him at the time. I got on with him straight away, whereas with Tommy it took time."

As for George, both he and Lucie stressed that they're happy to stay friends now they're finished on the show.

Now isn't that nice?