With 'Line Of Duty' returning to our screens on March 21st, you're going to be hearing a lot more Belfast idioms from good 'ol Ted Hastings in the near future.

Indeed, last night's episode of 'Graham Norton' saw Adrian Dunbar himself on the show discussing one of the murals drawn in Belfast for the man, before diving into a discussion on some of the idioms / catchphrases Hastings drops along the way.

Interestingly, Norton seemed to have a bit of an issue with 'floating up the Lagan on a bubble' as his own mother's from Belfast and had never heard her say that phrase. "You call her tonight," Dunbar ordered, "give her a shout, she'll know."

As well as this, you also had Vicky McClure rubbing her bum on Adrian Dunbar's face - albeit the previously discussed mural. You'll appreciate Dunbar's exasperated, "Thanks Vicky...", when he sees it.

Take a look.