If staying at home is becoming more of a chore these days, then why not take a leaf out of Adam Sandler's book and pen your own hit song.

Well, it might not be a hit song *yet*, but Adam Sandler singing this original number with Jimmy Fallon is certain to lighten your mood. The pair's new song, entitled 'Don't Touch Grandma', truly a song for the ages, and one that you might find yourself humming along to as you go about your daily routine at home.

To further hit home the topic of staying away from our elderly family and friends at the moment, Sandler sings that even though our grandmothers might want to do things such as bake us cookies or knit us sweaters, at the present time we need to say to her, "no touchy, just looky". You can't deny, the song is informative, yet catchy-as-hell.

Sandler joined Fallon on his most recent edition of 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', which is still a hit with audiences even though all of the celebrity interviews are taking place from their homes. Each night he airs, Fallon is being joined by many big names via video links, including Lady Gaga who joined the presenter in FaceTiming Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Here's Adam Sandler singing with Jimmy Fallon below.