Not only do you have to give credit to Tommy Tiernan's researchers for Adam Clayton, there's also the fact that he brought up how he almost never appears alone on TV.

Clayton, for his part, seemed to laugh it all off and even admitted that it was "great to be here on my own," as he talked through U2's future, his own opinion on fame, and what it means to be commercially successfully and artistically authentic as a musician.

There's also the fact that Clayton, who is softly-spoken and doesn't do many interviews, was actually given a chance to speak his mind rather than be barraged with questions over and over again. Even the audience were quiet with expectation throughout, allowing for an atmosphere where the conversation just comes up naturally.

Not even that, but there's also the fact that Tiernan's questions are not only generated on the hoof, he doesn't even know what's off-limits. Think about it. Most interviewees come with publicists, who have endless requests and areas of protection.

The Tommy Tiernan Show, like we said last week, doesn't have that, and that's what makes it arguably the best late night chat show RTE has produced in years.

The full interview is available now on the RTE player.