Actress Dame June Whitfield passed away last night at the age of 93 according to her agent. Whitfield was best known for performances in shows such as 'Absolutely Fabulous', 'Terry and June' and most recently 'Eastenders'.

Tributes were led by her 'Absolutely Fabulous' co-star Joanna Lumley.

"I am heartbroken to lose such a darling friend and shall never forget her sensational talent, humour and her generosity to us all who had the joy of working with her on Ab Fab. She will always have a most special place in my heart," Lumley said in a statement to ITV News.

Comedy producer Jon Plowman, who worked alongside Whitfield on 'Ab Fab', also expressed is sadness on Twitter.

"Very sad at the news of the death of the wonderful June Whitfield . There was no-one with more warmth or a better ability to just 'place' a line, always an act of utter precision. Hit after hit! Take it from Here, Terry and June, Absolutely Fabulous over seven decades. A great loss," he said.

More tributes to the legendary actress can be seen below.