Busy day for ABC in America yesterday as a lot of tough calls were made on what shows will go the distance, and what ones to cut off supply to. The American TV channel is responsible for some of the most popular shows on the box these days, so their decisions are pretty important in what we will be viewing over here in the coming year.

First up the ones that aren't going anywhere. Grey's Anatomy has been renewed for yet another series, but no surprise there as many of the main actors including Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have already said they would return. As has Revenge, despite its declining ratings, would that one ever get her revenge already?

Modern Family will thankfully return for a sixth season, we'll never get sick of Dunphy and co. The Middle will also be coming back, along with The Goldbergs, Agents of Shield, and Once Upon a Time.

Meanwhile, one of the shows that has being axed is Mixology, the series shown on RTE recently with all those young ones pretty much just hanging out in a bar trying to get the shift.

Malin Åkerman's Trophy Wife has also been sent on his its merry way, while it's not looking good for Nashville or Suburgatory either.

Think we can live without those ones really though, so all in all, good call ABC!