While many people will be happy to see Roseanne Barr off their screens after her recent racist outburst, not everyone is happy about the Roseanne revival being cancelled - particularly since it was doing so well.

Many expressed disappointment for the rest of the cast, who are now out of a job because of Barr's tweets - but it looks like some sort of salvation may be on the cards for John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sarah Gilbert and co.

ABC is reportedly considering an offshoot of 'Roseanne' (without Roseanne herself) that will feature the other members of the Conners family, although they are in a quandary because all of the characters were co-created and written by Barr - meaning that she would profit from any offshoot.

Apparently, discussions are ongoing in relation to potentially 'designing a new series' around the other actors, and since production company Casey-Werner are still liable to pay the salaries of cast members after commissioning a second series, it makes sense to keep hold of them in some way.

Barr has not commented on this latest development, although she remains on Twitter trying to convince people that she thought Valerie Jarrett "was white".