Well, as much as you can fire a writer who doesn’t actually write anything, rather just sits in a room waiting for the actual writer to arrive so they can nod at their ideas. 

Collider's Adam Chitwood, who's a massive Newsroom fan by all accounts, reports that: "Sorkin writes every single episode of the show. He managed this inhuman feat throughout his incredible four-season stint at showrunner on The West Wing, writing all but two or three episodes himself. It’s a task that he’s made abundantly clear he has no intention of giving up any time soon, per an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year: 'I create these shows so that I can write them. I’m not an empire builder. I’m not interested in just producing. All I want to do is write. I came up as a playwright - writing is something you do by yourself in a room.' He went on to add that he couldn’t possibly write this show without a room full of staff writers. If I understand correctly, his process consists of kicking around ideas with the staff, then going off to write the actual episodes himself."

Seemingly the only person he is keeping on to not write is his ex-girlfriend Corinne Kinsbury. He's obviously bounced a good few things off her. Apologies.