If you watched Graham Norton last night, you'll have seen Aaron Paul on the couch talking about his new film, Need For Speed. It looks, however, that he'll be back in the role of Jesse Pinkman very shortly. Speaking to AP, Paul said he's keen to revisit the role of Jesse Pinkman, saying that "anything Vince (Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad) is involved with, I'm there." He added, "I owe him my entire career." No official word has come down yet, but it's been confirmed he's been in "serious talks" about reprising his role.

The spinoff TV series Better Call Saul, which is to be set years before the events of Breaking Bad, hasn't been confirmed for an air-date yet. However, other Breaking Bad stars have been chiming in about reprising their roles. Dean Norris, who played Hank Schrader, has confirmed that he's not interested in returning. Bryan Cranston, who'll star in summer blockbuster Godzilla, has said he's open to the idea but went no further than that.

Better Call Saul will focus on the life of Saul Goodman, played by veteran comedian Bob Odenkirk. Need For Speed is in cinemas from March 14th.