Aaron Paul is known to many an avid TV fan as Jesse Pinkman, a character who displayed a true mastery of the word "bitch".

Never one to let an opportunity pass by, Paul has decided that he's tired of having everyone who ever meets him ask him to call them a bitch, so he's just released an app that will do that for him, as well as allowing you to send a touching message to your nearest and dearest. The touching message must include the word "bitch", however. 

Essentially what's going on here is the world of technology and pop culture colliding in the most pointless of ways, bringing you an app that, similar to the existing app 'Yo' (it simply sends the word yo to a contact of yours) sends short greetings containing the word "b*tch".

It should be clear, as The Verge point out, that you don't actually get to send "bitch", but rather "b*tch", and if you want to send more advanced things like ""HOW? B*TCH," "NOPE, B*TCH!" and "YOU SERIOUS, B*TCH!", you have to buy extra packs for the app, which cost $0.99. There are better things to do with your money of course, but how else can you get Aaron Paul to curse at your mates for you? 

Via The Verge