There's 'really loving a TV show' and 'there's loving a TV show enough to actually starve yourself for it.'

We've been quite attached to various shows over the years, but we've never gone on hunger strike in a bid to stop them being cancelled.

However, that's precisely what a fan of Netflix series 'The OA' has done.

When news of the show's cancellation after two series broke earlier this month, it generated a huge reaction from fans who were extremely disappointed - not least because it had ended on a big cliffhanger. A 'Save The OA' campaign was immediately launched.

But writer Emperial Young - a self-confessed superfan of the show - was so offended that she has been on hunger strike outside Netflix's Los Angeles HQ for the past nine days in protest, although not consecutively; she confirmed on Twitter that she had eaten a meal at the weekend "ahead of a strenuous task", but resumed the strike after it.

The 35-year-old told Insider: "Entertainment is food for the human soul and Netflix's algorithm isn't measuring that right now. And by not taking physical food, I'm saying that this show is more important food to me than actual food."

She said that she was disappointed by 'Star Trek: Discovery' and another of her favourite shows, 'Dark Matter', had also been cancellled. When Netflix pulled the plug on 'The OA', it was "a step too far", she said. "I can't lose 'The OA,' too. I've had it. This is the hill I'll die on."

Since she began the protest, other fans have joined her outside Netflix HQ - but none of them have also joined her on hunger strike.

Netflix have not commented.