If you caught the latest episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who is America?', you may be aware that surprisingly, Dick Cheney signing a waterboard was not quite the most shocking thing to have been filmed.

Instead, Republican lawmaker from Georgia Jason Spencer - who was encouraged by a disguised Cohen to bare his backside and yell racial and homophobic slurs - left viewers baffled that this was actually a man who held any kind of governmental position of power.

While Spencer initially threatened to sue the makers of the programme if his segment was aired, after it was shown on Showtime in the US on Sunday night he released a statement to The Washington Post calling it a 'ridiculously ugly episode' and that he 'deepy regretted' his actions.

According to CNN, he has also written to David Ralston, the House Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, to let him know that he was resigning from office, effective July 31.

Watch the segment in question below: