It's barely been a month since we seen the dramatic season finale of The Fall and those that watched it will know why a third season may have seemed unlikely. (Yes, here lie spoilers).

The dramatic final moments saw Jamie Dornan's character Paul Spector shot and pretty much looking like he was on death's door. However, the show's creator Allan Cubitt has said that he is 'very confident' there will be a third season and this it is just waiting on 'an official greenlight from the BBC'.

Can't imagine how Paul could really pull through from that shooting though and not sure how we would feel about another season without Jamie Dornan - how would that even work? Would there be a brand new serial killer? Would it just focus on Stella? Although she was only brought to Belfast for that particular case.

So many questions, but sure we will just have to trust Allan Cubbitt knows what he's doing. He hasn't let us down so far!

Via Deadline.