Hot on the heels of Rocky spin-off Creed, it looks like Stallone's other iconic character, John Rambo is headed for the small screen.

In the wake of positive reviews for Creed, FOX have announced that they plane to adapt the story of Vietnam veteran Rambo as a TV series and Stallone will be involved. 

It's still unclear whether the franchise's star will have an on screen or behind the scenes role in the project but its great news to hear that Stallone will have some creative input in the new project which for now is running with the title Rambo: New Blood.

All that's known about the plot so far is that the series would see John Rambo as the central character and would revolve around the relationship between Rambo and his son J.R. who has never featured in any of the movies. There's no word on when the series will air or what effect it would have on any potential fifth big screen outing for Rambo.