There are two types of people in this world - people who vaguely know of Peppa Pig and believe her to be a cartoon character, or you know, something like that. Then there are the parents. Who know Peppa probably better than some of their closest friends given that she clearly radiates something off the screen that their kids just can't seem to get enough of. Seriously, have you ever seen a child watching Peppa Pig? It's like crack to them, or Game of Thrones for grown-ups.

Anyways, that Peppa isn't as innocent as she looks as she's gone and got an episode of hers banned in Australia. Why? For encouraging kids that spiders are harmless, which as we know in the land Down Under, is not the case.

It's actually the second time the controversial episode has been pulled in Australia. Called Mister Skinny Legs, it originally aired back in 2004, but it was in 2012 that Australia's national public broadcaster ABC banned it from future airings for sending the "inappropriate" message that spiders were friendly and not to be feared.

However, on August 25th, the offending episode aired again on Nick Jr, a children’s channel affiliated with Nickelodeon and available on the Australian pay-TV service Foxtel. A Sydney mother complained to the channel who initially refused to pull the episode as Mister Skinny Legs "did not look real".

"The episode is light-hearted, friendly and very mild in impact; the overarching message of the episode is about respecting all creatures," it said.

"The context of the way the spider is portrayed in the episode lessens any impact of scariness or danger; the spider does not look real, it has a smiley face and is shown in context of a show with other talking animals."

However, after the media got in touch, Nick Jr said they would remove the episode, despite maintaining that it "does meet our criteria".

Bet you're curious to see the episode now aren't you?


Well here it is anyways.